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English Learning Whatsapp Groups

English Learning Whatsapp Group.

Whatsapp English Learning Groups.

🌀 Introduction:

Today,Everyone is familiar with the importance of English language .Everybody wants to learn English language .Some people learn for their passion and many others for educational , job and for many other purposes.So for fulfilling your desires and needs, we are going to run many English learning groups.These groups are a good platform for those learners who desperately want to learn English.We have lots of groups for you and many people love our groups.

🌀 Need of English learning groups:

We are living in an era where English language is as necessary as food for our survival.Nowadays people suffer because they can’t understand , speak and write English.Like our other needs learning English has also become a need for living a prosperous life.People can’t get a good job if they can’t speak and write English. So knowing the needs of people , we introduced number of groups related to English language on Whatsapp because not everybody can easily avail this data on other social media apps due to many reasons.And also everyone is always alert on Whatsapp .

🌀 Benefits:

By joining our groups on Whatsapp you guys can get many benefits:

1) You will be expert in English Grammar.

2)You can improve your vocabulary .

3) You will be able to speak short daily life sentences in a very short duration.

4) You will be able to produce grammatically correct sentences after some time.

5)You guys can feed yourself with English on daily basis.

5) Very soon, you guys will become a fluent English speaker.

🌀 Contents of our groups:

Following are the major topics of our groups:👇🏻

🔸Parts of Speech
🔸Active and passive voice
🔸Model verbs
🔸Forms of verb
🔸Daily life sentences
🔸Phrasal Verbs
🔸Correction of the sentences

🌀 Rules and Regulations:

1) Nobody is allowed to send messages to group members personally .

2)Nobody will clutter the groups by sending extra messages and stickers .

3) Nobody will share any link in the groups.

4) No advertisements are allowed to share .

5) No spam activities.

If anybody will violate these rules ,he/she will be removed from the group.

🌀 Note:

Here is a good news that these groups are free of cost because not everybody can afford the fee of English language course.
These groups are a big opportunity for passionate learners.So hurry up! and charge yourself with English language .

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