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We have created some special Whatsapp groups for you in which you can prepare yourself for any test for example; CSS, PSC, NTS, ISSB, PAF and Civil Services. In these groups mcqs are shared on daily basis. Entry Test Preparation WhatsApp Group link:

Jobs Whatsapp Groups:

🔆 Introduction:

General knowledge is the knowledge of every thing,which may or may not be the part of your academic studies.This knowledge can be about any topic such as human beings, earth, society, culture, civilization, community and country etc. It is a very important facet of human life. It develops us on personal as well as academic level. Everybody wants to be proficient in it, some for their passion and some for getting job. We are going to start many General knowledge groups on Whatsapp for fulfilling your desires and needs. These groups will be a good platform for passionate learners.

🔆 Need of General knowledge groups:

Nowadays, we are living in a competitive world. Personality of an individual is judged by his/her up-to-date General Knowledge of different subjects and current affairs in different domains that makes him/her a brilliant person. If he/she is not aware of what is going around him/her, he is considered as stupid. So, General knowledge has become a basic necessity of our life. General Knowledge is important for many competitive exams like CSS, PMS, PPSC , FPSC, NTS ,GAT, GRE, MAT, IAS, IPS and many others.
Honestly speaking, there is no shortcut for acquiring knowledge instantly, as knowledge gaining is a continuous process requiring a curious mind with a habit of learning new things.

🔆 Benefits:

By joining our groups on Whatsapp you people can get many benefits:

1) You will be able to compete in competitive exams.

2)You will be able to make better decisions about anything.

3) You will be able to make your conversation interesting by sharing facts related to your very topic of conversation.

4) Knowledge gives a person confidence and our groups will do the same.

5) You will be aware of the latest trends in the fields of technology , science etc.

6)You guys can feed yourself with knowledge on daily basis.

🔆 Contents of our groups:

Following will be the major contents of our groups:👇🏻

💠 English grammar Mcqs
💠Islamiat Mcqs
💠Computer Mcqs
💠Urdu Mcqs
💠Biology Mcqs
💠Chemistry Mcqs
💠Physics Mcqs
💠Mathematics Mcqs
💠History Mcqs
💠Political Science Mcqs
💠Geography Mcqs
💠Current Affairs Mcqs
💠Pakistan Affairs
💠Important Abbreviations
💠Interesting facts about world

🔆 Rules and Regulations:

1) No one is allowed to send messages to group members personally.

2)Nobody can send extra messages and stickers in group.

3) Nobody is allowded to advertise any adjuration in group.

4) No spam activities.

5)No one can share link of any type.

If any member will smash these rules ,he/she will be removed from the group.

🔆 Note:

Good news about these groups is that you have to pay not a rupee for becoming member of the group. These groups are free of cost. These groups are a big opportunity for knowledge seekers. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! and quench your thirst of knowledge.

         *Thanks for paying attention.* 

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