Essay on A Picnic Party for class 10th and 12th.

Essay on A Picnic Party | Essay for 10th and 12th students. Picnic party essay for class 12th. A picnic party essay in 300 words. How should be written a picnic party essay in English. Essay on a picnic party for class 7, 8, 10, and 12.

Essay on A Picnic Party | Essay for 10th and 12th students.

Topic# A picnic party:

A picnic can be defined as an informal social gathering ,usually in a natural outdoor setting for joy. In the busy routine life, man has no time to spend in the company of nature. People work the whole day. They take no interest in the forms of beauty. They do not bother to spend a few moments in the relived company of Mother Nature. They have become almost insensitive and careless about beauty , grace and glamour .In this sorry state of affairs , an outing is necessary to make life enjoyable . After such an activity, we find a new passion in every thing we do. So such activities are essential to promote our mastery for work.

I also live a very busy life but I do spare some time to calm my mind and enlighten my soul. Here follows how I enjoyed my last picnic. A few days ago, my friends and I set out a programmes to spend the oncoming Sunday on the bank of the Indus River. The idea of enjoying ripe and juicy mangoes on the bank of a river attracted us so much that we finalized the program quickly .All of us were eager and excited. On the following Sunday, we went to bazar to buy fruits ,sweets , cakes, meat and some milk. All these things were packed in baskets. We started on our bikes towards the destination . We were in high spirits .The river was at a distance of three miles and a half. The sky was full of clouds. The cool breeze was blowing and touching our faces. We felt very happy and excited . It was simply a pleasant ride.

Our arrival:

When we reached on our destination we placed our things under a cool shady tree. Without wasting time , we put on the life-jackets and jumped into the river. We felt very happy in the cool water of the river. Soon, it began to drizzle which added to our joy. It was a wonderful feeling of joy and pleasure. We spent some time in water. Then we felt hungry and came out of the water. The ripe and sweet mangoes became our appetite .We ate mangoes with great relish. Naveed began to sing a melodious song. His voice has great attraction .Some of us started playing cards and chess. Ali narrated many funny stories and jokes. We laughed so much that we forgot all our troubles and problems. As we had got somewhat tired , we lay down to relax. After some time when we had gathered strength ,we again ran towards the river to take another dip.

Enjoyable incidents:

We started the competition of diving and swimming there. Swimming competition was very enjoyable .It was a superb experience . After that we decided to play games. I like badminton a lot so, I convinced my friends to play badminton .Badminton made us tired and then we drank tea under a shady tree. One the river bank birds sang on the tress. We listened and enjoyed the songs of birds quietly .We saw cattle were grazing in the fields near the river. Then we took many pictures on different sides of the river and tried to capture all the beauty of the Indus river .Some pictures were very funny.
After some time, we all felt hungry again and it was a lunch time also. Our cooking started. Nobody knew the art of cooking. However , every body tried to cook one thing or the other. Two of us kneaded the flour. It was a great exercise to knead the flour. One of us peeled the potatoes . I went to river side and washed the meat. We prepared soup without salt. However , the soup of meat without salt was not very bad. We cooked some breads also but they were not round and beautiful to look at.

Lunch and gossips:

After eating the lunch , we decided to have a short walk to the river side. During our short walk, we talked and exchanged gossips.
We sat on the green grass. The sky was darkened with clouds. A fragrant breeze began to blow. Nature appeared to us quite charming .Then everyone sang a song of his choice. Everyone greatly enjoyed himself. Some of us lay down to take some rest.

After some rest we quickly collected our things and got ready to proceed to our homes. One thing I liked the most was the sunset. I saw the sun slowly going down. The sun became mild. The sky became orange coloured. The beauty of the dying sun was reflected in the running water of river and it made us happy. The whole sight looked fabulous .We enjoyed every moment of the picnic to the river side. Then we decided to return home. We shall remember this happy experiment for long time. This was really a wonderful day to be saved in our memory. Really it was a memorable picnic .

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