Essay on A Visit to a Historical Place.

Essay on a visit to a historical place. Essay for school, college, css, pms and other competitive exams.


It is not known that how the eight class and we were finally given the opportunity by the college to celebrate the end of our journey by allowing us to go on a tour with our teachers wherever we want to go. Hearing this, the whole class was filled with joy. Everyone is very happy that after these four years ,there is a chance to travel somewhere. Since all the students were very tired after giving papers and submitting assignments in these four years, they and their brains were tired, they should be refreshed.So it was a good opportunity for them to enjoy themselves openly and take some memories with them that will give them a good feeling in their future.

Since there were more girls in the class, the teachers asked their opinion on how many days and where they would like to go. For this, they were also given one day’s time to think carefully and tell them. There were only 6 boys in the class and around 30 girls. That’s why no one asked us and we did not reveal anything such that we should decide that where should the tour go?We boys also left this decision to the girls.After reaching home,everybody spent a long time in the WhatsApp group.There was a conversation and everyone’s opinion was asked there and everybody gave their opinion according to his/her choice. Some people remained completely silent.

Visit destination:

Finally, after a day of discussion, the decision was made that the tour will go to Banjosa and Toli Peer. All the people agreed on it. There were many reasons for agreeing. Since there were mostly girls in this tour, it was not good for them to go away and then rest in a strange place. So the class was given an opportunity to think carefully and finally these two places were selected.And the teachers were also agreed with it because this trip was very short.

It was discussed in the class for the last time and Sunday was fixed and the time was also told that we have to leave before sunrise in the morning. Then we all returned home. Everyone in the class was very happy and excited. Tomorrow we have to go for a tour and they will eat various things and have fun. We were told by the college that everyone would come in college uniform so there was no question of new clothes whether the tailor would sew on time or not. That day, the only thought in my mind was to go with the tour tomorrow.

Our preparations for Visit:

We boys did our little preparation. The girls spent the whole day doing their makeup etc. In the evening I also pressed my uniform and polished my shoes because there was no guarantee of getting time in the morning. I had completed all my other preparations. A phone had to be charged and that was also done because there was no reliable electricity. Since we had to take a lot of pictures of the tour, the phone was charged on time. By sleeping at night first, we boys talked to each other once again and asked each other that if someone is forgetting something, let him remember. After talking, we said goodbye to each other.

Departure day:

On the second day, I had to reach the college bus at 5 am, so I set the alarm for 4 am and went to bed. How long the night was, it became known that day. Time stood still and happiness was at its peak. At 4 o’clock in the morning, when the alarm went off, the eyes suddenly opened. I immediately got up from the bed and first performed ablution and recited the Holy Quran and hands put on my uniform and locked the room . By this time everyone was sleeping and I had already told them that I have to go on tour in the morning. So I left them sleeping without disturbing them. After about 40 minutes of walking, I reached near the bus. About half of the class had arrived and all the boys had arrived.

Girls were also being dropped off by their brothers and fathers. Within about ten minutes, the entire class arrived. It was now 4:50 AM that all the teachers who were to go with the tour also came. Before sitting in the bus, all the students were given some instructions on how to go on the way. Do not do any extra activity. No one will go around without permission and we have to do what the teachers say. Everyone took the teachers into their confidence and then everyone was welcomed.


Then everyone sat on the bus. It was morning, so it was also cold. Some arrangements were also made to sit on the bus.Because we boys,
used to sit at the front of the class, so even today it was decided that the boys are very few in number and they will sit on front seats. All the boys were still standing outside as the girls had to climb to the back seats of the bus first. All the girls took their preferred seat after consulting each other. No one wanted to sit in the open because of the coldness of the morning. After them the boys boarded the bus and finally the teachers also sat down.Everyone had a smile on their face. Food and drinks were kept raw in the same way because the college’s cook was also with us and he had to go there and cook this food.

First Visited Tolipeer:

We decided to go to Toli Pir first as it was away. The vehicle left for Toli Pir. In such a long time, the sun also started to emit its rays. Soon it was sunny all around, as none of us had breakfast so everyone was feeling hungry. Everyone decided to stop the bus as soon as they reached Khai Gala and get something for themselves, which will fill our light stomach. This is as soon as the bus is placed in the market. The boys collected money from all the girls to get off the bus so that they can get something for them too.At that time it was difficult for all the girls to get down, it would take a lot of time. We boys went to a bakery and bought 40 packets of chips and some col drinks.Everyone had a good breakfast of these chips. It was around 9 o’clock then the driver also turned on the music. Some people liked it a lot and some didn’t.Anyway,we had to enjoy everything. The interesting thing was that I had never been to Toli Peer before because I had never participated in a tour because I am personally very busy.Today I was very happy to see Toli Peer for the first time . Everyone used to come here and have a lot of fun so I was also very curious about what this place would be like. At 9:30 we reached at Toli Peer.

Scenes of Tolipeer:

Everyone got down. This place was totally strange for me. There were many smiles on everyone’s faces, which I still remember. The teachers came down from the bus and gave some instructions. All the students agreed to it. Then everyone started climbing upwards. For some people it was quite a difficult and tiring path. There were also some horse riders. These people used to take some money for horse riding. Since we were outnumbered, none rode horses. After about 20 minutes of walking, we reached at the top of Toli Peer . Various people were seen while walking on the road. Some of them were selling things. Some people came there for sightseeing and they were also going uphill like us. This place was not as good as I expected. The rest of the people were enjoying themselves a lot.But it was my own choice. Even so, the place was very nice. There was a crowd of people because it was very beautiful. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

Funny Activities:

By the time we reached there, we were all very hungry but as the food was still to be cooked. So till then we will be busy in different activities. A group of girls went to a huge swing and we were just watching them to see what they were going to do. Then some girls went there and started riding the swing. Some girls were very weak hearted so they started making noise. Seeing all this, the rest of the class were very excited. Some girls of the class did not go to ride , they started making videos of them. However, this thing made me very happy and for a while I felt good. Some of the girls who were on the swing were very scared. With the sound of their shouting, everyone turned towards them.All of them started laughing loudly at them. In the meantime, the teachers also came there. Since riding was not a bad thing, but because of their noise, the teachers explained to them that whatever they had to do, they should do it politely.


Meanwhile, the rest of the girls got busy making their own pictures and there was laughter upon laughter because these girls were taking pictures in some strange way. Someone twisted their mouth, someone had their teeth out. Seeing all these scenes, we burst out laughing.I did not like this place and I was feeling very boring.Seeing all this, it is as if my entire system has been updated. We boys also made some pictures but they were very simple and formal. This photo session went on for a long time. The teacher probably did not like our company and they sat away from us, and they also made some memorable pictures together. Meanwhile, our cook got an order to find a quiet place and start cooking there.


The teachers came to us and said that the boys will help them in cooking. We will accompany them with all the goods and put the pot on an empty place above. We boys brought some stones from nearby and made a makeshift hearth and lit a fire in it and then placed a pot on it. Two boys got busy washing rice. I and the other guys with me started cleaning the chicken and wash it well. The cook cut all the spices, tomatoes, onions etc. and kept it aside. Then the teachers also came there and they started giving us some suggestions that the food should be like this. All this was happening, noises and screams were heard again. We got up from our place and started looking and we were surprised. The girls of our class were running fast on this slope holding hands and while running, some groups fell on their faces and they came down like a football. Some of the girls also suffered serious injuries due to the fall. But this time the teachers started laughing seeing them and said that let’s keep doing what they are doing because today is the last day. We boys again got busy with our work.

Great Appetite and Tiredness:

Now some girls were quite tired and they were very hungry, so they can’t walk anymore. Some girls came to the dining area. On reaching here, they were giving advices about the food that the food should be like this. It seemed like the girls were enjoying everything and we just came to work, But what could happen now? Meanwhile, the rice was also washed and we cleaned and washed the meat well. Then in five minutes all this went inside the pot. By the time it was ready, the rest of the girls had also come up.

Now the teachers said that the whole class will take group pictures, for which the camera was handed over to the cook and all the girls sat down. And we boys were non-existent and teachers were also few. We men stood behind them to be seen in the photo. We boys were in the same pose here too and the girls were trying to pose here too. Well, the food was cooked and ready and everyone’s mouths were watering after seeing it.

Refreshment and Food:

The teachers asked us boys to bring utensils, water and cold drinks. We set two tables, one for the girls and one for us and the teachers. Two boys and two girls got busy in feeding, the boys were giving food to fellow boys and teachers and the girls to the rest of the girls.

I was also very hungry, but now I was also engaged in feeding. The teachers ate a plate and got up, but the scene of the girls was worth seeing. They seemed to be very hungry because they are not taking the name of getting up. Well after about half an hour there was a loud belching sound which made everyone smile and it was done by a girl. Then all the girls got up and four of us also sat separately and got up after eating light food in five minutes. Because I have a habit of eating as much as I can on Eid and traveling because most of the people can not digest food on these two occasions.

Departure from Tolipeer:

After a while we packed all the dishes and came to the bus because now we had to go to Banjosa. Everyone sat in the bus and after about 2 hours we reached Banjosa.This is the only place I feel happy to see. Coming here, the girls got busy eating and drinking again. We were full and didn’t feel the need to eat anything more. After some fun and photo session near the lake we took our luggage and boarded the bus . This trip was very sweet and memorable. It is still remembered today. Today, when I remember that college time and those memories, my heart sinks. Sometimes it feels like crying, but then on your own after taking care of it, I get busy with other work.

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