Essay on Co education and its advantages and disadvantages


What is co education? What is the importance of co education? What are the advantages and disadvantages of co education? Is co education a good idea for students? Advantages and disadvantages for co education? Essay on Co education for college students

Essay on co education in English


Co-education is a system of education in which both boys and girls study together in the same school, class, college or university.The idea of co education has become a debatable issue in our country. Whether it should happen or not. Some people support this system and some are very opposed to this system. Both parties present their own arguments.Those who believe in this system favor it on a large scale. And they want this process to be established on a large scale.And others are those who call it very dangerous, which is against our Islamic system , our customs and traditions.

Advantages of co education

Advantages of Co-education:



The first major argument in favor of this system is that our country is poor. It is a developing country,it is not developed. The economy of our country is very inferior. All these things make it clear that our resources are not sufficient to bear the the expenses. Including separate schools,colleges and universities.It is not an easy task for us to manage the separate educational institutions for boys and girls.

Our country does not have the capacity to absorb such expenses at once.Therefore, co-education should be adopted at least on a large scale, there is no solution without it.By adopting this, we can reduce our educational expenses to a great extent.


The second major argument in favor of this system is that it creates a severe competition between boys and girls whether it is in studies or any other activity related to studies. This creates a spirit of work among them and each tries to outdo the other.For this purpose, both of them put their heads together and work hard.Girls have this passion enough to outdo boys and boys also have these kinds of feelings.And for this purpose students work hard.


Third, it promotes character building activities among students.A strong thinking and self-confidence is created among the students through co-education. It helps the students to make their character impressive and this makes them wise, sensible and practical . They also learn how to keep their feelings,emotions and sex drive under control.They become open-minded rather than narrow-minded.


Forth advantage of this is that some boys are quite rough and immodest ,co- education make them modest and cultured . They teach how to respect girls, how to talk to them, how to behave in front of them, how to adjust in that environment.If they do, they can beat themselves up anywhere in the world. Also , the girls develop a kind of confidence and poise.They become less shy, timid and less weak.In this way girls and boys both succeed in creating a peaceful and pleasant environment .Their mutual conversation helps them to encourage each other.


One more persuasive argument in favour of co education is that ,in this era no society can confine their women within the walls of house.No society will do such a thing to keep a woman as a prisoner.The woman is given a special place in society.She participates in social setup.Because she is a backbone of this society so, for this purpose only educational institutions can give them better training .

Disadvantages of Co education
  1. Disadvantages of Co education:

On the other side, there are people who oppose this type of educational system.These people give their opinion that the supporters of this educational system are betraying themselves . If we talk about those countries where co-education is established ,we come to know that the nobility ,honour and traditions no more exist there.And as well as, the students who are connected to this type of educational setup fall prey to the uncontrollable passions of sex.No one can deny this,even its supporters .In this way the educational institutions become the showgrounds of debauchery only.This is why the school girls of many countries become unmarried mothers.

Nature has placed in man a lot of sexual attraction which no one can deny . when young human beings whether they are boys or girls, see each other’s beauty, charm and style, then they naturally attract towards each other.And especially the young generation loses their heart in this matter and it is very disturbing for them.Some people lose their heart and mind in it, so they go crazy and this is a bitter truth.In this matter they do not use their brain. We know that young children lack mental maturity and understanding. And if he/she spends a little of his/her time with the opposite sex, it becomes hard for them to control their passions.


And with the passage of time, many problems arise which are dangerous for both sexes.Some people even give their lives for this reason, which is a common thing for them, and this happens every day, and everywhere.This is the main reason for committing suicide. So the meeting of both sexes instead of giving satisfaction is a means of creating anxiety among them and because of this, they are always worried, depressed and become a victim of tension. So the question is What should be the result of this anxiety ?Study or intimate relations?

The two wheels of this life are men and women who have the ability to run life well.And if even one of the two is removed, life cannot exist.No doubt, they should move onward with the same speed and in the same direction .Therefore , both should be trained and educated equally for the prosperity of the nation and the country.It is futile to expect a good life without education.If both of them are educated, then their family will be good, then their society will be good, then their nation will be good, and finally their country will be a prosperous country,Which is the desire of every citizen living in every country.And for this purpose it is absurd to pretend that the education of men and women should be the same.


Because the biggest problem is that the issues of women are different from men.Therefore, the syllabus for the women should be different from that of men.Moreover the abilities of men and women are also largely different.The nature of their responsibilities is different .Therefore, due to all these reasons men and women should not be taught the same syllabus in the same institutions.In fact, if we look, co-education is a western idea and practice which is similar in nature to the west itself. And its main purpose is to destroy the modesty of a woman.. Therefore, such an education should not be given to them. And above all this, our religion Islam does not allow the mixing of boys and girls. . So overall Co education is not good for any society and especially for an Islamic society, therefore separate institutions should be established for both sexes.


Everything has advantages and disadvantages and co-education too has its positive and negative aspects .Nowadays , the number of co-educational institutions are increasing everyday.So,from the practical point of view ,we should encourage co-education only at primary stage.It is apprehended that young boys and girls may slip into the world of sin so, we should not promote this co-education system at college and university level.

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