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Corona virus, often referred to as COVID-19, is an infectious illness that affects the human respiratory system. Covid 19 refers to a novel corona virus disease that was discovered in 2019. Our daily lives have been impacted by the Corona Virus. Millions of individuals have been impacted by this pandemic, who are either sick or are dying as a result of the disease’s spread.

The new COVID-19 virus is having a serious effect on everyone in the world since it spreads mostly through direct contact with people. Within a distance of six feet, it is passed from person to person among individuals in close proximity. The majority of nations have reduced the rate at which they are producing goods.

COVID-19 symptoms

Fever, cold, cough, bone pain, and respiratory issues are the most typical signs of this viral infection. Patients with the corona virus may also experience symptoms like fatigue, a sore throat, muscle soreness, and a loss of taste or smell in addition to these ones.

Protection against COVID-19

The focus is therefore on exercising extreme caution, which includes maintaining strict cleanliness, washing hands often with sanitizer or soap, avoiding face-to-face contact, maintaining social distance, using a mask, etc.

Source of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus (or COVID-19) was originally discovered in China’s Wuhan city in December 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the Corona Virus outbreak as a pandemic in March 2020.

To combat the Coronavirus epidemic in India, the Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, declared a 21-day statewide lockdown on March 23, 2020. This restriction on movement affected all 1.3 billion people in India.

Because of this, nearly every business and every educational institution in India had to close. Both interstate and international travel were forbidden. Given that the bulk of proven cases were connected to other nations, India banned all tourist visas.

Thousands of migrant labourers were traversing India on foot in an effort to reunite with their relatives back home. Indian migrant workers experienced a variety of difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of migrant workers had to contend with the loss of money, food shortages, and uncertainty as a result of the closure of companies and workplaces due to lockdown.

The pharmaceutical business, the electricity sector, educational institutions, and tourism are just a few of the different industries and sectors that are impacted by the disease’s cause. Both the global economy and the daily lives of citizens are significantly impacted by this coronavirus.


The identification of COVID-19-affected cases is a constant emphasis for all governments, health organisations, and other authorities. Maintaining the standard of healthcare these days is really challenging for healthcare practitioners.

The coronavirus catastrophe that the globe is currently experiencing has caused havoc and permanently changed people’s lives. Long after the virus’s negative effects fade, they will still be felt.

But in situations like this, hope may be a potent cure. Life will undoubtedly prevail as long as humanity fights the Covid 19 pandemic together.

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