Essay on Mobile Phone and its advantages and disadvantages:

Uses of mobile phone/cell phone. Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone. Merits and demerits of mobile phone. Why essay on mobile phones is important. Essay on mobile phone 250/300 words. Essay for students. Mobile phone essay for class 12. Essay on Mobile/Cell Phone Merits & Demerits.

Essay on Mobile/Cell Phone Merits & Demerits

Topic# Mobile phone

This is an era of science and technology. The development in the field of technology has given birth to many wonders in our life and mobile phone is one of them. The mobile phone is the recent invention of modern science . It is also called a cellular phone. We can carry it from one place to another easily .It is becoming very popular nowadays .

Mobile phone is a wonderful invention of science .It looks unimaginable that a person can talk with another person while he or she is travelling or he or she is on his/her way to work. Such a thing was impossible a few years ago. In the beginning , the prices of mobile phone were very high. But later on, they were made cheap. Now we can see mobile phones in the hands of everybody .Even a peon, a sweeper ,an ordinary worker can use it.

Mobile phone has become very popular in the modern life. Mobile phone has become a friend and a companion to everybody .In the modern age, it has become a professional necessity .Now people cannot do away with them. It has become a status symbol. Nowadays mobile phones are considered as a gift for social media lovers. Many social media apps like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram , Snap chat etc., are present in our phones every time. We can access social media at all times through our personal mobile phone.

Advantages of mobile/cell phone

Advantages of cell phone:

Merits and demerits of mobile phone.

Mobile phone offers many advantages to its users:

i) Communication

  • Today, the world has become global village because of the rapid communication through phone.

ii) Entertainment

  • ii) It help us to communicate with our friends and relatives who are not near to us physically .

iii) Source of sending* *messages and calls:

  • iii) Mobile phones can be used to send messages and to make calls.

Other useful features of mobile phone:

  • iv)In addition to calls and messages, we can also use it as a calculator , for taking pictures ,for recording voice and we can also browse the internet on his/her mobile phone.

Source of sharing things:

  • v) We can share our pictures, videos and other data through a mobile phone.

Source of earning

  • vi) Mobile phones have increased our volume of business and trade.The money exchangers of different countries can develop their business through mobile phones.

Useful for searching location

  • viii) The mobile phones have helped the travelers , explorers and passengers a lot. Now the travelers of all kind may explore any place of interest by using cell phone.

Helpful for people’s safety

  • ix) Mobile phones can save us from the attack of criminals or terrorists . If we use them wisely , we can contact the police before we are attacked.

Helps in shopping

  • X) We can get food, clothes shoes and many other things with the help of mobile phone.


  • xi) We can use mobile phones for doing business .Mobile phone is one of the best source for businessmen to promote their business through online sources . For this ,we can use social media websites and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram, Pinterest and others.Most companies organize their meetings on video calls through social media applications like SKP ,IMO , WhatsApp etc.

Source of getting information

  • xii) We can also use mobile phone to gain knowledge or information on different topics. Nowadays , by using different applications like Google, YouTube, Vidmate ,Facebook etc. we can get information about anything at any time. We can watch videos on topics made by different scholars ,can see photos ,texts and pdfs about our relevant topic.


  • xiii) One more benefit of mobile phone is flashlight .We can use flashlight of our phone in darkness instead of keeping a torch.

Alarms and reminders

  • xiv) We can also use mobile phones to set alarms and reminders .By using this application of mobile phone we can set our routine , meetings, medicine timings etc. It can also remind us someone’s birthday and anniversary date.

Helps in saving contacts

  • xv) Before mobile phones, people have to keep diaries with them to save the numbers. But now one can save any contact number on his/her own mobile phone. One can also easily find someone’s number by searching his/her name.
Disadvantages of mobile/cell phone.

Disadvantages of Mobile phone:

Essay on Mobile/Cell Phone Merits & Demerits

Merits and demerits of mobile phone:

Along with many advantages , mobile phones also have various disadvantages .Let’s discuss its limitations in detail.

Source of useless activities

  • i) Mobile phones are an obvious cause of time wastage . People are seen busy with playing games, listening to music, using the internet, watching movies and dramas , sending messages and chatting for hours on phone.

Wastage of time

  • iii) Young students instead of paying heed to their studies use mobile phones and waste their time in useless activities.

Health issues

  • iv) Mobile phones can cause many health problems. Frequent users of mobile phones suffer from nervous ailment. It affects our memory. Our too much dependence on it can loss our memory.

Loss of study

  • v) Mobile phone discourages true learning .Now the students spend more time on mobile phones than on their books. Its excessive use results in the loss of time and money.

Cause of noise pollution

  • vi) Mobile phones are also a cause of noise pollution . The loud ring tones disturb the public. The mobile calls divert the attention of the doers from their work. No one can do his job with full attention if the mobile phone is not switched off.

Harmful for people’s life

  • viii) Mobile phone is a great friend of a criminal or a terrorist .They make use of this device to make contacts . They plan or make a plot to attack a building , hijack a person or commit a robbery in a bank through the mobile phone.

Cause of lawlessness

  • ix) Mobile phones have become a definite cause of lawlessness.
Creates difficulties for country’s economy
  • x) Mobile phones have caused a great burden on the economy of the country. A huge part of foreign exchange is being spent on the import of mobile phones. This limits the efficient use of foreign exchange.
Disturbs sleeping routine
  • Xi) People use mobile phones in an excessive amount that affects their sleeping routine .At night, most people are busy on their mobile phone’s screen that disturb their sleeping routine a lot.
Cause of accidents
  • xii) People use mobile phones while driving and it causes many accidents .It is not safe to use mobile while driving because mobile users can injure them and can kill other people by accidents.
Problems in ears
  • xiii) When we listen songs, watch movies and take calls for a long time with headphones , these activities can harm our listening potential. Many researchers reported that using headphones with loud hearing sound can damage the capability of our ears to hear voice properly.
Creates distance among people
  • xiv) Mobile phone is a great source of communication but if we do not use it properly, it can create distance from our dear ones. It is observed that when the members of a family sit together in a restaurant or any other place, they seem busy on their mobile phones and do not talk with each other ,in this way mobile phone can create distance among people .
Cause of distraction:
  • xv) Although mobile phone is a blessing for us but it often distract us from our work. It also distract students from their studies due to it’s various applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik tok, Snack videos etc. that attract the users and distract them from their ambitions .

Conclusion :

All the above discussion shows that mobile phone is a blessing only for those who use it properly and according to their need. But it is a curse for poor people and especially for the young students .Knowing the disadvantages of mobile phone, the government should control its excessive use and should advice the people to use this device for their facility not as a luxury.

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