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Essay on my hobby in English. What is your hobby. Essay on my hobby in 250 words. Essay on my hobby in 1000 words. Essay on my hobby for college students and children as well as for school students. Essay on My Hobby | What is your hobby.

Essay on My Hobby in English with 300 and 1000 words.

My Hobby:

Green grass of my garden

Hobby is something we do for pleasure or to satisfy ourselves. Hobby is the name of a pleasant activity. We are living in a world today that has a lot of pain, suffering and difficulties. Almost everybody is unhappy with their life and most of the people prefer not to work, relaxation is preferred over work. A man works all day to bring happiness in his life and usually he gets tired from the work and to get relief from such a boring routine he needs an activity that relaxes the person by doing that thing, Such an activity is called a hobby. Different people select different activities for this purpose, it depends on his/her interest that what does he/she likes .
Although I like to do many things and these things make me happy that I often do in my free time but what I like the most or what attracts me the most is gardening .I love gardening. Gardening is a creative activity. This hobby is very expensive ,but it connects a man with the beauties of nature. This hobby gives me a lot of happiness and joy.

Today’s life:

I live in a village where life is more restful , quiet and noise free. We see greenery , grass and trees everywhere . But still today compared to the distant past, life is quite difficult and restless. Silence and calmness is rare .It is very important to keep ourselves busy, for this purpose I have created a lawn and a garden in my house which is in front of my house. It has become my life. The garden is surrounded by hedges. In my garden ,there are four cypress trees, one in each corner. My garden consists of flowers of different kinds, small plants, big fruit trees and I also have a small patch of land for growing vegetables in it .In this way, we get fresh vegetables for our daily use.

Beauty of my garden:

In the garden flowers of different colors are blooming, which makes the heart happy to see and so the mind gets a refreshment.

There are flowers of different colors but every single flower has its own unique fragrance. Apart from me, other people also love to see them. The fragrance of these flowers spreads far and wide. The garden also has a variety of fruits including mangoes, Lemon, Apple, peach, bananas etc.
The beautiful petals of flowers, which are very dense, have covered the walls of my house which adds to the beauty of my house. I have also fixed some twinkling lights on the branches of the trees. At night, when these lights twinkle, they present an eye-catching view.

Moreover , the flowers of different colors present a different scene and enhance the elegance of my garden. I cut and trim these flowers to a suitable length every season so that there is no shortage in their growth. In the morning when the fresh air blows, the fragrance of these flowers spreads everywhere and people enjoy this fragrance. People like to see them for a long time.

Beautiful Fountain:

Apart from this, there is also a beautiful fountain in my garden. I have shortage of words to praise it because just as in man his heart plays a central role, so likewise this beautiful fountain is the heart of my garden, from which water seems rising every time. When the sunlight falls on the water of this fountain, it shines like a pearl is shining . The same fountain also waters the flower beds and plants of the whole the garden.

I often like to walk on the grass of my garden in the morning, it refreshes and calms my mind . After my college time, I sit there and study books in the shade of trees. In short, my garden and all the things in it are very beautiful and charming, which calms my heart and everything is the fruit of my hard work.

Daily work:

To maintain the beauty of my garden I spend two hours in a day .Sometimes I spend more time with it. During college holidays I spend more than half of my day in my garden to maintain its beauty. I used to make flower beds in it and on these flowers and trees ,I sprinkle water and when needed, I also fertilize the plants .Weeding of wild grass is a major and laborious work. I protect my garden from the hot sun and shelter it from the intruding animals. I do not mind spoiling my clothes and limbs while weeding out the enemies of the plants from the garden.

Moreover , I also have many flowerpots in my house which I have placed around the entrance of my house and in the direction of the entrance. These flowerpots are also in my garden. There are different kinds of flowers and small plants in these pots. I water these pots every day. This small beautiful garden of my house is a part without which my house is incomplete. I have made this garden a peaceful and quiet part of my house. With this garden, my house presents a scene of peace and beauty and I feel like I have the beauty and charm of the whole world because of this garden.

Source of pleasure:

Most people go in the distant regions to see the beauty for the peace of their mind .They go and when return to their homes back, they miss that beauty every day but I am very happy unlike them, for me there is no need to go anywhere , all the beauties are here in my house, I can see and enjoy whenever I want.

My garden is a source of peace for me. I have also advised my friends to prepare such gardens in their houses. Some of my friends have accepted my proposal and have grown plants in the lawns of their houses also. I sometimes go there to advise and help them in the growth and maintenance of their gardens. I also participate actively in the plantation scheme of the government every year. I have planted hundreds of trees at different places.


My hobby has taught me a lot about the life of plants. My garden has unfolded to me many mysteries of nature. This hobby keeps us healthy and energetic .It save us from wasting our time in idle loitering in the streets .Everyday brings new joy and pleasure to me due to my this hobby. It is indeed a rewarding experience .

Beautiful flowers

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