Essay on My School

Essay on My School. This essay is all about a school’s building, teachers, students, area, environment, education standards, system and atmosphere.


There are many types of people in this world. Some of them live a simple and ordinary life. In front of them, only eating and drinking and living in this world is life. These people see life very superficially. It does not matter for them what is the purpose of life? How can we live with comfort and how can other people’s lives change because of us? They change people’s lives because of this understanding. By the way, if we talk about understanding or wisdom, then it is in almost every person, but the difference is seen when these abilities are used . It needs some kind of support.

Just as there are millions of minerals in the earth, but until they could not be put into a furnace, they were only clay to us, but when they were put to proper use,then the map of the world changed because of them. Man’s intellect and thinking and wisdom are like the same minerals until they are put into the furnace, then they will remain useless. This place is called a school. It is a place that has been used for thousands of years. Whether it is Socrates or Plato, all these great people have swam in the same river, so today these great people are mentioned in the history books.

Importance of school:

School is the only place where an ignorant person becomes a scholar. Where an animal becomes a human. Where a sinner becomes a devotee.A person is trained in school which makes a person a real human being. Today everyone is aware of its importance, that is why people send their children to schools. Nowadays we get to see good and beautiful schools just a few steps away.

School is the place ,from which we know that eating, drinking and sleeping is not the only job in this world, but there is another purpose of this life and this purpose is told to us by our school. Man’s soul is broken,man is carved here. In it comes the ability to recognize oneself. Everyone is taught the difference between good and bad. The identity of God is said. Methods of living are given. Life etiquette is taught. How to talk is told. The identity of the adults is known. The more you write in the definition of the school, the less it will be. A child is sent to school from a young age so that it becomes a habit.

My childhood and School:

There was a time when I was a child, I had to go to school like other children. For this purpose the school I chose to attend was called Government Boys High School Nimbal Sarari. When a child is sent to school for the first time, it is not his own decision because at that time he is not aware of the world. The school in which I was admitted was a formal school.Whoever wanted admission in the village would go there and get their children admitted and this had become the norm for these people.

There were some other schools in our village. Some were primary, some were middle, some were private and some were government schools. This was a government school in which I studied. When it comes to its building, all the pencils and papers here will run out, but its appreciation will not run out. Well, whether you understand it or not, I’m using irony here because some people deserve that,they also have to tell us whether we are telling the truth or just joking. There was not a single building in this beautiful school. What we are calling a building actually consisted of a few rooms and those rooms were also such that a person did not want to breathe in them because there might be chances of suffocation.

School’s description:

The school started with a small ground which could accommodate around 200 people at a time. In this small ground there were three beautiful and tall white trees. It is made because as much service as these three trees have done to us school children, the poor servants there would not have done to the teachers either.They used to give us a sense of beauty, and who can forget their shade and cool breeze in the summer season. More faithful than humans were the three trees in my school that shed all their beautiful leaves as soon as winter came so that we could enjoy the sun. Now let’s move on to the rest of the school.

From this small ground, some steps lead up to my grand school building. As soon as one climbs these 5 to6 stairs, then first comes a long porch, the length of which is almost equal to the pitch of a cricket ground. Behind this porch, we have three large rooms. The structure of this school is like that of people’s houses, which has three rooms and a porch, and a white tin roof on top. This is exactly how my school is. You can visualize it.

Rooms of the school:

So now let’s talk about the small beautiful three rooms school building. The first room on the right side of the school is a bit better, it has some new desks and ten to twelve computers. Earlier, this room had only a broken cupboard containing old data of school students and dust. But I don’t know why one day the government took pity on this room of ours and then made a concrete floor ,computers and some chairs in it and also installed a bad air conditioner in it. It was a nice room.

The middle room next to this room is the staff room of our school. By the way, the staff rooms of other schools are very attractive and beautiful, but this one was inferior to a formal room. This room also has two parts, on one side the headmaster sits. There is also a wheelchair for the headmaster and there is also a glass table for them. There are also six seven wooden chairs. Now let’s talk about the other side of this room. This room has been divided by a sheet and some cupboards. The other side of it is made for the rest of the teachers to sit. There are ten or twelve chairs here and there is also a sofa set, only the senior teachers sit on this sofa and the rest of the junior teachers sit on wooden and plastic chairs. The data, results and documents of the students in my school are also in the cupboards of the same room.

Other Equipments:

In addition, the practical equipment is also in the same room. The big thing is that in our school there is a microscope and there are other devices as well. These instruments are not so much, but matriculation students do their practicals with these instruments.The third room next to this room is a memorable room for me because it houses our matriculation class. There will probably be a part of the wall of this room that does not have a student’s name written on it. In my school, the wall in the room has been damaged by scratches. The condition of the walls is that all the stones have been exposed because this school is very old, so it was built with stones.

As for the ceiling of this room, there was no concept of ceiling and the tin is rusted and has huge holes. When it rains, it doesn’t matter if you sit outside or inside the school. There are also four windows in this room, these windows have been closed by cutting pieces of tin about 20 times, but their dilapidated condition is a sign that the school is open or closed.

In addition, there is a blackboard in the room, which is about forty years old.The back side of this room is used as a junk room. The interesting thing is that I have spent my 10 class sitting in this room.

Other sides of the school:

It was a small school building but the story does not end there. A few steps ahead of this is another small section, this section consists only of land, i.e. it is a ground as small as a room. It is surrounded by various thick trees so there is always shade here. Only class 6th sits in this place. This class has been sitting here for many years. I also sat in the same place in 6th. Earlier students used to sit on the stones below here. I was in 4th standard at that time when the children of the school donated the circular furniture which was also such that only half of the class could sit on it and the rest still sat down.Two or four steps further and a little higher than this class, there is a small shelter, but it is always dark, so it is used only in rain or strong sun, and on normal days, one sits outside. I have a lot of memories attached to it because in the winter in the absence of the teachers we used to light a fire in it and have a lot of fun. Sometimes the boys used to break the old school furniture to light the fire.

Now, if you go up two or four steps from here, the actual part of the school comes, it does not mean that it is a huge school building, but there are two big grounds and a school kitchen at this place.

Grounds of the school:

There are two large and beautiful grounds here, the first one is slightly lower than the second one. There are different types of trees on the edges of the lower ground. Two classes sit in the ground, fifth and class two. These two are together because these two classes are under the control of the same teacher. Here fifth and two class both have to sit on the stones below.Therefore, the students of these classes eagerly find for themselves a plain and suitable stone to sit on and put a place there, then no one else can sit on someone else’s place. Due to this, there is no fighting between them.

In the school, the morning assembly is also held in the same ground, apart from that, all the other functions etc. are also conducted there. If we talk about external beauty, some things here are very beautiful and some are critical.There are two large and beautiful grounds here, the first one is slightly lower than the second one. There are different types of trees on the edges of the lower ground. Two classes sit in the ground, fifth and class two. These two are together because these two classes are under the control of the same teacher. Here fifth and two class both have to sit on the stones below.Therefore, the students of these classes eagerly find for themselves a plain and suitable stone to sit on and put a place there, then no one else can sit on someone else’s place. Due to this, there is no fighting between them.

5th Class Sitting place:

I still remember that fifth class, there was a wall under which we used to lean and this wall was about to fall down . One thing that is worth mentioning is that there was a bathroom a few steps away from our class and this two yard bathroom was only for teachers.

Now, just two steps up from this small ground, then the actual place of the school comes, i.e. the school ground, and apart from that, there is a school kitchen and an open shelter. This shelter is located between the ground and the kitchen. All other small classes sit here. Sitting here is a different kind of fun. There is no wall or any barrier, sit wherever you want and see the beauty around. Here on the left is the teachers’ refreshment area and next to it is an old dilapidated kitchen.


The surprise happens when almost half of the school’s furniture, including teachers’ chairs and benches, is kept in the same kitchen during the holidays. The cook here made it a rule that anyone who helped cook and bring other things would be given leftovers. For this, he cooks spare food and there is always a rush outside the window. But the food would be given to those who actually bring food, bring water and cut firewood. Gas did not even have a name there, so the biggest work was cutting wood and fetching water.This scene would have been more interesting when only two people were called from the window, but 6,7 would have gone inside and then the food they could imagine was like seeing food for the first time in their life. Who can forget the memorable moments inside that window.

The most beautiful and used place of the school is its ground. There are many reasons for its beauty like the market of various shops in front of it. This market adds to its beauty.There is a clean water well right next to the ground. The water from the well is used in the school for food and other needs. It is said that there are always crowds of people here.Therefore, there is always a sense of liveliness around my school.

About the result :

If we talk about the annual result, the school’s own result is slightly better, but the board students often give disappointing results. Every year, about ninty-five out of hundred students fail here, but this is insignificant for them. As far as the teachers are concerned, they are somewhat well qualified, because about eight out of ten teachers have appeared under the test called NTS, but now, due to their lack of experience, the students a bit disappointing. But hopefully this will all change with the passing days.A good school building will also be built and the result here will also be commendable as compared to others.


School is the only place that turns you from a pauper to a king. Yes, some schools are not good to look at at all, but from their walls, people who change the map of the world are born. Who brighten the name of their family, parents, region, city and even the country.These people don’t come to the world prepared like that from home, but they have to spend years inside the same walls, then they come to the world as gold from here.

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