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Essay on My Village. 2000 words essay on my village. In this essay you will learn how to write an essay on my village.


My name is Seemab Ahmad Laghari. My age is 14 years. The name of my village is Sultan Pur, which is a very beautiful village. This beautiful village is surrounded by mountains and forests, and people’s eyes stop as soon as they see its enchanting and charming green valleys. People come from far and wide to see our village. Many types of trees grow in the soft soil here, which are very dense and tall, and with these tall trees there are also mountains, rivers and many beautiful lakes.


It is very cold here from the first and second month, it snows on the outskirts, people come from different places to see this scene. Roads are closed here for several days due to snow and people walk by foot. In winters,people have different activities to do . Some people visit their loved ones and relatives during the holidays because there are often holidays here in winter and people enjoy traveling around and enjoying their life.

March and Spring:

When the month of March comes,it presents heavenly scene everywhere, flowers, green grass, chirping birds, fresh water of rivers, scattered snow and fresh air calm people’s heart. People who are tired and under tension say goodbye to their tiredness in this spring season. Going cold along with this, people’s activities also increase. People are slowly starting to go to work as well. Here this month of March is the most deceptive month.Weddings are also at their peak in this season, so everyone is in a state of joy.

People here start many activities in this season.As soon as the month of March ends it starts getting hot and then People prefer to do their work indoors and wait for the sun to set to do outdoor work. It is not so hot here in April because there is still snow on the mountains, which helps to maintain the temperature of the air in the area. By the end of April the fruits are fully set on the trees, but are not ripped. The weather in this month is very moderate, neither too hot nor too cold, and rarely does one need to turn on a fan.People are drawn to this place after seeing this mildness of weather.
As soon as the month of May comes, the heat gets stronger here.Different types of fruits are found here like apples, apricots, peaches, mangoes, bananas and some local fruits. The fruits here are very tasty. From here, large quantities of fruits are sold in the markets and people also give these fruits as gifts to their relatives, friends and loved ones. If we talk about the crops here,they are also in large quantities. People grow wheat, millet, rice, potatoes,onions,tomatoes,gourds,zucchini and many other . Most of the vegetables in their fields.Moslty people here depend on their agriculture.


This area of Sultanpur is quite big. In terms of area, it is considered one of the largest villages in Pakistan. The population here is around thirty thousand . All kinds of shops are here.
All necessities of life are available.

A beautiful forest in such a large area, with different types of trees such as seda, cakar, mulberry and many other valuable trees. The trees here are exported in huge quantities for making
furniture and other sporting goods . Apart from this, there is also a beautiful river, whose water is very clear because of the melting of clear snow from the high mountains.
Therefore, people use the water of this river to fulfill their food and drink and other necessities of life.

People of my village:

The people here are very nice, cheerful, religious and hospitable. People here are less educated but still they have no lack of morals. People from outside are stunned by their hospitality. These people welcome their guests in the most lavish manner and treat them with their native, delicious food. They come in handy in each other’s difficulty. If someone needs their help, they leave their work and help him. If someone falls ill in the village, all these people come to help him. People here are very friendly.

The youth of our village is very brave and cheerful. They all live together and play together. Playgrounds are decorated in the evening. The young boys of the village play various sports including cricket, volley ball, football and some regional games. All of them play together and the children also play together. The youth here do not fight at all and live in harmony.

Custom and Traditions:

If we talk about the customs and culture here, it is the same as the rest of the villages, towns and cities of Pakistan. If we talk about the dress of these people, here men wear shalwar kameez and paint shirt and the women wear shalwar kameez and a dupatta on their head. People here are very simple. On the occasion of Eid, people give new clothes to their children and go to each other’s houses. People cook delicious food for their loved ones, neighbors and relatives. Apart from the festival of Eid, there is no other historical festival as the people of some regions have some special festivals. Marriages are also conducted here in a simple way. People avoid fireworks and other new customs on this occasion.


In religion, these people are moderate like other religious people. In the mosque of the neighborhood, prayers are offered five times a day. Like other people, there is a war of religion among some people. Some people call themselves Sunni and some Deoband and Barelvi. Considering the religion, people also do different summers here. When it comes to religion, people here fight among themselves and the resentment goes to the houses. Despite this displeasure, they have shared equally in each other’s pain and never bring their religion in the way of their people which is a good thing.


Apart from religion, if we talk about the politics of these people, there is a lot of disagreement among the people here. Sometimes two brothers in a house are angry with each other and the reason is only politics. One member of the household supports one party and the other male supports the other party. Three parties are famous among the people of this village, the first is Pakistan Muslim League-N, the second is Pakistan Tahrik -e- Insaaf and third Pakistan People’s Party. Some people support Muslim League and some PPP. During the election, there is a clash between these people and people consider the opposition party member as their enemy. During this time, people hardly communicate with each other.

People of the same party celebrate, dance and shout their party slogans. As soon as the chaos of the election ends and one party loses and the other wins, after that people become cold and they become completely like before and forget all the talk of fighting. Despite political and religious differences, there is a lot of brotherhood among these people.

There are good as well as bad people here. The moods of these people are due to their nationalism. Some ignorant people consider themselves great and others inferior because of nationalism.


Now let’s talk about the food of the people here.These people eat bread, rice, lentils, butter, vegetables and like to drink tea. Eating dal and rice has become a habit as well as a hobby of the people here. At the hotels here, dal and rice are eagerly served. It is eaten or cooked everywhere in our village.In the winter season, eating fish is also very popular, people eat fish with great enthusiasm at home and in the markets. People also love to eat fritters and rissoles with tea in winters.


Now if we talk about the facilities here, it is found that almost everything of life is available here.Even so, there are some things that are sorely lacking here. The facilities include many things like hospitals, schools, dispensary, colleges, markets, and roads etc.

First let’s mention the hospital. There is no hospital here, which means that in case of emergency, the patient is sent to the city from here and sometimes the patient dies due to not reaching the hospital on time. People sacrifice their lives in many such areas .The lack of a hospital here is a big problem for our village.There is no proper dispensary in my village which is very sad. This facility should be in every village and in the town. There is a dispensary a little away from our village but there On the way, one has to walk for fifteen minutes. But one thing that is good is that there is a doctor present here in the state of emergency.

Schools and Colleges:

There are several schools in my village. Some are public and some are private. These schools cannot be said to be as good as the schools in a city, but still every child is getting their basic education from here and some hardworking students are holding high positions after graduating from these schools. My village has primary middle, and high school as well. Both boys and girls can study here.Some of the school buildings are very old and dilapidated.Some children have a hard time and some schools have very good buildings.Our village does not have a single college and this is the problem of almost every village. From here every student has to go to the city after matriculation but the good thing is that the distance to the city is not that much ,one can reach the city in 35 to 40 minutes.

Now if we talk about the markets here, one good thing about it is that there are all such small and big shops in our village where you can get all the necessities of life. And these shops are very close and it is beneficial for everyone. People buy their food, drinks and other common goods from markets.


My village is very beautiful. Some people like it very much and some people don’t like it, but it depends on the mood of each person. Most of the people in the village migrate after getting some property or money. Because they want to live a better life and fulfill all the needs of life which they cannot fulfill by staying here. I used to roam around my entire village in my childhood because life was so easy and free then. There was no stopping. All of us, children of the same age used to go to school together, we would spend time there and then we would come home together. Life was beautiful. Then those days were hard for us, but now those days are no less than the days we will spend in peace. In the evening we used to spend time together and enjoy everything. My village was very beautiful then and it is still very beautiful today, but people are also changing .

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