Essay on Television (T.V.)

Essay on T.V. Essay on Television (T.V.), advantages and disadvantages of T.V. Essay on T.V on 2000 words for school college and other competitive exams.


Today, the world has reached a point where the mind of a person becomes overwhelmed by thinking about it. Who thought that we will be able to travel the world sitting at home? Those sitting at home will be able to see and hear from one corner of the world to the other. But the genius of man has made almost many things possible. Some years ago, one could not hear from behind the curtain and seeing was a very distant thing but in the era we are living today, we find it very difficult but if we compare it with our past, we are living a very comfortable life. Because the people of earlier times could not hear even a few steps away.

Ancient method of Sending messages:

In earlier times, people used different methods to send messages. The use of pigeons was very common among them. They had covered a long distance in a short time without any fear of danger. It was very difficult to catch them. After them, if there was any other effective means, it was the man himself, through him the message was carried from one place to another. But it took a lot of time, sometimes it took months. There were also many risks which includes both human and animal risks and sometimes even after waiting for several days, the message did not reach its destination.

Not everything in the present day has come to light at once. Some things are invented by thinking and some are invented by accident. As time went, some talented people started to bring out little things. When it comes to the most famous and ever-used inventions of today’s era, television is somewhere in the first place. Because people can forget to eat but not to watch TV. Today, TV is in every house and some houses have three or more than three televisions.

TV. as an addiction:

People have a habit of TV like an addict has a habit of addiction. There was a time when man was afraid of loneliness and looked for people everywhere. Living alone was very difficult for him, but this invention of TV has changed everything. It doesn’t matter if someone is there or not. Nowadays, people are often alone at home and their only companion is their TV, this is what they see throughout the day. It serves as both time passer and enjoyment for them.

Era before TV:

When there was no TV, people used to spend most of their time with Radio. In those days, people used to turn on the radio. Some listen to news and songs and some programs. Then who would have thought that we can see the people we hear. But then it became possible and finally TV was invented. Television was invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth in 1927. This was also a great invention of the British. some inventions are such that they are used after months and sometimes years and sometimes they are not used for the whole life like some weapons of war but TV is different from all of them. Some people can’t even digest food without it and this is absolutely true. From children to adults including men or women, everyone is fond of it.

Old age Television:

In the beginning when TV came, it did not have any special features
and its picture was also black and white and pixels were visible in its screen. But with the passage of time TV also got changed . First of all, the feature of colors was brought in it but that was the era when not everyone could afford a TV. At that time, people used to go to someone else’s house in the neighborhood to watch TV.

TV was also in the house of that person who was very rich and digital. Television was a very strange thing for people. It was very expensive so everyone could afford it.A man who had a TV in his home was highly respected. In the beginning, TV only showed things in two ways. The first one is the antenna. Some small strips of aluminum or some other metal were placed on top of the wooden stick. It was installed on the roof of the house or any other place where the signal is good. It was then connected to the TV by connecting a wire. At that time only 2 channels were coming on the antenna. One was the DD channel and the other was PTV Home. There used to be good dramas and programs on DD channel but PTV Home used to be quite bad. Along with the picture, the programs were not special.


Another major use of TV was that it was used to watch movies. For this purpose, a DVD or CD was inserted with it. A disc containing movies etc. was inserted into this DVD or CD but here the image was very clear. People used to go to market every other day and buy new movies and then it was a different kind of pleasure for them. Sometimes films would be brought from someone else in the neighborhood and everyone would watch them together by giving theirs to them. This was the era when there was real happiness with the arrival of TV in human life. But as time changed, it became just a time pass and a necessity.

As soon as time changed, then TV came in every house. Everyone started watching it with interest. The neighborhood kids are used to stay at other people’s house at night to watch drama or movie. It was a very fun time. Earlier televisions had a large body size and a small screen. Then after a while the screen size was increased a little more but televisions in those days were very heavy. If one got damaged, it was very difficult to take them to the market and also no one knew so much about them.

New era’s Television:

After a while, the whole generation of TV changed. It became as light as a book in weight and as big as a wall in size. Now it is very common to have a TV in everyone’s home. But now with the same CD, DVD and Antena have disappeared from the system like the vote taker disappears after taking the vote. Now they have been replaced by cable and dish. Through them you can watch anything that you want to watch by sitting in one place.

Dish is generally more clean and free than cable. Compared to that, cable is a great source because in a little amount of cabel bill you get to watch selected and very good channels. It has channels from both Pakistan and India. Now, if we talk about the things that are seen on TV, then it will be better for us to divide them into two things which we will call the advantages and disadvantages of TV.

Advantages of TV :

1) Through TV we can visit any corner of the world sitting at home.

2) In earlier times, one had to go to a scholar or a cleric to hear his sermon. It used to cost many days and a lot of money, then the person would go and learn some religious issues. But now thanks to TV it has become very easy.We can comfortably watch and listen to any religious issue sitting at home and it doesn’t cost anything. Some religious people watch and listen to these scholars throughout the day.

3) In today’s era, the biggest use of TV is to see the domestic and foreign situations, that is, what is the situation in the country. Who is doing what? For this purpose we watch news channels.By looking at them, we get to know the situation of the whole world.
It used to be that one would get news on the second or third day but now time has completely changed. Whenever something happens anywhere in the world, we become aware of it at the same time. We get thousands of news in a single day. For this, apart from homes, TVs will also be installed in markets. People watch and enjoy news channels throughout the day and then they enjoy discussing it. There is not only one channel for watching news but there are many channels on which you can watch your favorite news.

4) In earlier times, no one even knew that such a day would be sunny and rainy but today we can see it on TV. This has made our life much easier. Whether it is politics or any other news in the country, every person is aware of it.

More advantages:

5) Today everyone considers sports as an important part of their life. These sports include cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, kabaddi, badminton and tennis. People find their passion in these games. In earlier times, when two countries used to open up to each other, only the result of this game would reach to the people. During the game, who played well and who played poorly was not known to anyone except those who were watching it in this place. But now it is not like that at all. People sit in front of the TV, months in advance and listen to the reviews of various analysts and then give their opinion on them. Today the match between Pakistan and India is given as much priority as the war between them but all this was possible only because of TV. So it plays a prominent role in sports. Apart from cricket there are many other sports which are most popular in the world like football. People also watch this with great interest.

6) Apart from this, some other people also see different things through it, which also have some information channels.Most people like to watch Discovery and Animal planet channel with great interest.

7) Nowadays people are quite tired and bored. They need some means of entertainment to relieve their fatigue. They can watch a variety of dramas and dramas of their choice on TV. In which Pakistani, Turkey, and Indian dramas are at the top. Women spend most of their time in dramas, then debate over them. Compared to them, men watch slightly fewer dramas. Men mostly like to watch news, sports and movies.


8) How is it possible to mention TV and not mention children?Children spend half their time watching cartoons on it.In earlier times, there were two ways to seat children in one place. The first is to make them sit quietly by giving them something of their choice.Second, it is very common to punish them but now these things have completely changed.Where the one thing that in house gives us many advantages but it also gives us many disadvantages. Therefore, TV is also multi-dimensional.

Disadvantages of TV:

1)Today many people are spending their precious time watching TV which is not a sign of a developed nation. They watch it for hours and entertain themselves and they are not at all aware of how much harm they are doing to themselves and their families.

2)Many people have become victims of various addictive substances and find their solace and happiness in these substances.Without them, their life becomes haram. One of them is its addiction. He who gets addicted to it will not find peace in anything else.

3)Today’s children spend most of their time watching cartoons and movies. In this way they harm their school and their future.

4)Earlier ,when people used to visit each other’s houses, they used to discuss their life problems. Some used to remember old memories. Nowadays, no one goes to someone’s house and even if they go, both the guest and the host get busy watching TV.

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