Essay on Unemployment and its types:

What is unemployment? What are the types of Unemployment? What is frictional unemployment? What is seasonal unemployment? What is structural unemployment? What is cyclic Unemployment? What is the solution of unemployment? Essay on Unemployment in English:

Essay on Unemployment


Unemployment means someone is deprived of job, even if a person tries hard and has a lot of passion, but because of this, he does not get a job. As unemployed workers are deprived and rejected, they are economically as well as mentally disturbed .Unemployment has become an important issue in today’s era that people are suffering from depression and this problem is very serious. This issue does not belong to any single country rather, unemployment is the headache of every country except a few countries. For this, people go from one country to another, because there is no other solution to this universal problem. The number of unemployed person is increasing day by day because the population is increasing .

Types of Unemployment :

Experts have given reasons for classifying unemployment, which include:

  1. Frictional unemployment
  2.  Cyclical unemployment
  3. Structural unemployment
  4. Seasonal unemployment

Frictional Unemployment

Frictional unemployment refers to the unemployment that occurs when a person wants to get a job of his choice and passion, but he does not get a job of his taste . Friction in this case refers to unsuitability between the worker and the job. Sometimes it also happens that the worker does not like his/her old job and he/she goes to find another job. He/she doesn’t get good salary or he/she has to go far away from home to do the job or he doesn’t like the environment of this job so he wants to leave this job. Therefore, it may take a long time for him to find a new job, sometimes he does not even get a new job.

One way to reduce this type of unemployment is to give workers their preferred jobs and do not involve the workers in a job which they don’t like even a bit. Both the employees and the selectors should think about it otherwise both the employee and the company may suffer later.

🔸 Seasonal employment:

Seasonal unemployment

It is unemployment that occurs in a season. Since our country is an agricultural country and it depends on agriculture. When there are more crops in a season, then new jobs are also created on this basis. Especially during the cotton season, almost everyone gets a job .

Similarly, when there is wheat season, there is a lot of work in flour factories. But as soon as this season ends, unemployment returns.

🔸 Structural Unemployment:

structural Unemployment

This unemployment arises when there is an imbalance between the existing working people and the people who want to do the job. This imbalance may be due to the lack of skills, location and personal preferences and dislikes. Now technology is developing rapidly , so this means that industries need new and skilled people .Because their entire system is updated, so they want updated workers . Old people are often unaware of new skills that new people know and that can benefit the industry.

As soon as there is a new development in an industry, then they give jobs to skilled workers. As a result, jobs are taken away from people with updated skills. Sometimes these plants of this decaying industry were closed down. And it throws the worker out of work. Sometimes these plants are moved from one place to another where they are not needed and placed where they are needed or where they are able to work. People who are unwilling or uncomfortable with this change leave the job. People who lack education, skills and training find it very difficult to get a job because in this competitive age every person is well educated, skilled, and trained. Another reason for leaving a job is that workers want to earn more than expected but they are not paid enough.
In this regard, most of the highly trained people leave the job because it does not suit their mood and expectations. And those people want to enter the field who are not able , for example you cannot make a doctor a typist in the same way you cannot make an engineer a chemist.

Cyclic Unemployment

Cyclic Unemployment

Sometimes when vacancies are available, managers hire people without thinking about age, sex, race, religion and skills. As quickly as they are kept, they are removed from there. When business is up then the demand of people is high and when it is downfall then people are removed from jobs.

Solution of the problem:

Unemployment is not a common or ordinary problem. This is a very complex issue that almost every third person is facing.It hinders the development of the country, due to which the country becomes economically weak. As a result inflation increases and anxiety, frustration and chaos spread among the people.One of the reasons for all these problems is the uncontrollable economic problems and corruption. There are very few countries in which there is no corruption. But on average, this happens in every country. A few measures can be very beneficial to solve this problem.

1) By improving educational system:

First of all, it is important to improve the education system because an uneducated person cannot handle this developmental work. Today’s education system is producing people who know nothing. They have no skills or training. Since these people are useless, they still do not like to work with their hands. So the government should introduce an education system that teaches people skills and tells them how to earn and how to survive in this world. Government should also establish vocational and technical institutions in this regard.

2) By setting new industries:

Second, establish new industries to create more new jobs .

3) By the help of Government :.

The third solution is that the government should support educated people so that they stay away from further deprivation. The government should provide reasonable compensation to these people. Government should provide debts to them on easy terms so that they can open their own business. Because the solution of every problem is not only a government job, but it also includes many other jobs.

4)By controlling population’s growth :

The fourth step is to control the growth of population . Day by day increasing population is distorting this problem more

5)By setting domestic industries:

Fifth, there should be domestic industries in villages and towns so that people can learn to make things by themselves.
If we follow all these steps , this problem can definitely be reduced.

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