Who will win today’s match Ind vs Pak prediction


According to many sports journalists at this time the bowling attack or pace battery of Pakistan and batting of Indian team are equal. Who will win today’s match Ind vs Pak prediction.

Today’s match is considered one of the biggest matches in the world. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this match. People are excited to watch this match. Today’s match will be played in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Supported Teams:

This match will be between Pakistan and India. Fans of both teams are supporting their respective teams. Both teams are good and strong. Some people are saying that Pakistan will win and some are saying that India will win this match.

Pakistan team is a strong team with a very good bowling unit. It is being discussed all over the world. Therefore, most people believe that Pakistan will win today’s match.

Batsmen And Bowlers:

Both teams have good batsmen and bowlers. The team that works hard will win. There is no doubt that India have very good batsmen who know how to play and win anywhere.

They have brilliant batsmen like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli who can single-handedly win matches. Both have a lot of skills and experience.

Both are quite old batsmen. Pakistan also has more than two threats to them. Even if Pakistan gets both of them out early, it will be very difficult for the Indian team to win.


  • India
  • Pakistan

Ind vs Pak prediction:

If India save their wickets in the beginning. So definitely India can win this match. One of the main reasons for India’s loss is the early wickets.

Because of this, India often loses matches. So if India play well in the beginning then India will win. Everyone is talking about that Who will win today’s match Ind vs Pak prediction.

Pakistan Team:

Now let’s talk about the Pakistani team. Pakistan team is a great and strong team. Today it is known for its bowling. The world is appreciating it. Pakistan has very good and fast bowlers. Including Haris, Naseem and Shaheen.

All three are known for their respective skills. Some are famous for their song and some are famous for their speed. The fear of the bowlers of the Pakistan team is clearly visible in the Indian batsmen.

In the past too, the Indian batsmen would fail, which has filled their hearts with more fear this time. Along with Pakistan’s bowling, its batting is also very strong.

Compare The Two Teams:

If we compare the two teams, India looks like the bigger team by name, but if we talk about the field of play, then Pakistan team is different. Pakistan team has the talent to beat any team. And this time also it is being said that Pakistan will win this match.

A few years ago, the Pakistan team used to be a mediocre team. At that time they neither had a good bowler nor a good batsman. But now the Pakistan team is the team that everyone is admiring.

People of India are also saying that the chances of Pakistan winning are very high. Most of India’s batsmen have never played Pakistan’s bowlers, so they are in a tough spot. He also said this in the press conference that we are not familiar with him and are making full preparations to play him well.

Winning And Losing:

Both teams are good and no team wins or loses by predicting. Winning and losing will be known after playing on the ground. The team that plays well and plays well is always victorious. And the team that plays badly always loses.

So the win and loss depends on the performance of the team. We expect an even match from both the teams. Both the teams will play better and the team that worked harder will win the match. Indian team is not as light as people think about it.

Team India is very strong and two time WC winner. But at this time due to some reasons team blue is considered as less in front of Pakistan. Pakistan is considered as a very strong team due to some specific reason for example, their pace attack and Babar Azam who is current world number one batsman.

Upper Hand In This Match:

Everyone admires him and admit him. He is in super form. Due to these some reason Pakistan is upper hand in this match. If Pakistan fails in both things the we can’t say that Pak will win this match because there is nothing special besides these two things.

In previous match Rohit Sharma and Kohli had lost their wickets early that is why we dominated India. If the situation would be opposite and Team Blue would not give us wicket then it would be very much difficult to stop them.

On 266 which was also a difficult target for Pakistan. So we can’t underestimate team India. They have also a good bowling attack. Both of them equal opportunities.

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